Why TRT Brisbane Doctors Say That Low T-Level Weaken Men’s Immune Response to COVID-19?

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Medical professionals from different parts of the globe together with a handful of TRT Brisbane doctors believe that low levels or reduced amounts of serum testosterone in a man’s body could predispose them to worse COVID-19 outcomes should they get infected. This could be the missing link or the core reason why there is a higher rate of coronavirus case fatalities in men than women.  

This goes to show that men’s bodies have a biological predisposition to easily fall prey to COVID-19. This could be brought about by higher levels of plasma testosterone when compared with women, or it could be due to age-related low concentration of testosterone in their bodies. 

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Differences in COVID-19 Outcomes

If you delve deeper into recent data gathered from around the globe regarding COVID-19 cases, it will clearly show that both men and women are equally susceptible to contract COVID-19. 

And yet the current volume of patients that get hospitalized with COVID-19, based on statistics, that are suffering from acute cardiovascular and renal injury, pulmonary distress, venous thromboembolism, disseminated intravascular coagulation, sepsis, and multi-organ failure, is higher in men than women.  

TRT Brisbane doctors are suspecting that there are a handful of specific factors that could be inducing a bias on poor prognosis in men that have contracted COVID-19, which magnifies what testosterone does. 

In a review of related literature, medical professionals in the country wrote that observational data they have at hand indicate that COVID-19 patients characterized by worse clinical progression, which most of the time happen to be older adults with 1 or several underlying chronic illnesses — are more susceptible to suffer from hypogonadism.  

According to recent studies, low concentration of plasma testosterone, which is a common occurrence in older men as well as men with obesity and chronic diseases, could just pave the way for systemic inflammation, thromboembolism, impaired CV function, and worse outcomes for COVID-19.  

Reduced amounts of testosterone in the male human body predisposes their bodies to have a less effective line of defense against infectious agents. Male hypogonadism or reduced production of testosterone in men well serve as a precursor to detriment cytokine dysfunction which could be the possible underlying reason why men usually have a poor prognosis in as far as COVID-19 is concerned.  

Although testosterone comes with an inherent ability to suppress the effects of the immune system, delving a little deeper into the role of testosterone over an array of immune functions will prove that it can be suppressing the immune system. It can strengthen it too but there are also instances that it does not have any effect on immune function at all. 

With all these varying impacts that testosterone is showing in different TRT Brisbane doctor’s investigations, it clearly shows that if you measure only a handful of immune features concerning testosterone will not be truly reflective of a man’s overall immune capabilities.
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