How Does a Hair Fibre Powder Work?

Do you know the reason why the market today is teeming with a wide array of hair fiber powder products? First and foremost, they work and deliver the user’s best expectations from the product. They’re highly effective in concealing hair thinning problems but not so much for promoting hair growth since these kinds of products are not intended for such.

When you lose a good volume of your hair, its impact is not solely confined to your looks but it will also affect how you will see and feel about yourself. For the vast majority of people, their natural reaction to this is to feel depressed and dejected. Did you know that studies are showing that people who are oozing with so much confidence in themselves are usually those who happen to have thick volumes of hair?  

If you are struggling with thinning hair but not completely bald yet, chances are high that you are among the thousands upon thousands of people out there who have tried a sundry of hair growth solutions, serums, different kinds of hair care and hair growth products — only to get disappointed over and over. You might have even tried wigs and toupees before to help you get back to your old hairstyle, but no avail.

In that case, you might need to consider something new now.  

Hair fiber powder products are a revolutionary way to camouflage your hair thinning and hair loss woes, allowing you to rediscover your original looks. The hair building fibers can be added to those areas where you need to have more fullness of hair and volume. Then after application, you can give them a gentle pat and doing so will make them blend with your existing hair.  

If you have not tried a product like this before, it will work to your advantage when you know what their good attributes are. Here are some good pointers to look for when trying to shop for hair loss concealing products:

  • It should be a unisex product. 
  • It offers a wide spectrum of color options so you have better chances of finding the perfect shade for your hair. 
  • Offers instant satisfaction and results are long-lasting, too. 
  • Keratin-fibers, from which a premier product is usually made from, will bond so strong to your existing hair. 
  • Gives hair the appearance of a full volume of locks. 
  • Products made from or consisting of wool and keratin fibers are far superior to any other materials. 
  • The product can withstand extreme weather conditions.  

Alternative Methods to Handle Thinning Hair 

Wearing a hat

For women suffering from thinning crown area, a beanie would work best. This is a common practice among celebrity women because it gives you that casual look. For this, we suggest that you go for something plain and dark in color. 

Sporting Shorter Hairstyle

Women who are suffering from thinning hair in the front can just decide to cut their hair short. A bob cut hairstyle is known to make anyone look younger, and this is regardless of the facial shape that you have. So if you are used to wearing your hair long, sporting shorter locks will bring about the difference you are looking for.  

Using Hair Dye

This is among the most common practices among women with hair loss issues, they would dye their hair in a much darker shade. Contrary to the hair loss issue in men, hair thinning in women causes their hair strands to lose its natural pigmentation, causing it to become lighter in shade. 

Therefore, when you dye your hair in a darker shade, it will give your head the illusion of a full volume of hair. Dyeing your hair is a cheaper alternative as opposed to the process of micro-pigmentation.